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Practicing legacy rescue techniques

Practicing legacy rescue techniques

A little over a week ago it was time for our first legacycoderetreat of 2012 here in Belgium. I was lucky enough to work with Adrian Bolboaca again on this retreat. He is a serious influence and inspiration to me when it comes to software craftsmanship. I went to pick him up at the train station. Yes, he really flew … Continue reading

Dealing with legacy in ruby

Last Friday I got to spend another day with the dev team at Protime, running a coderetreat on dealing with legacy code this time. I don’t call it a legacycoderetreat here because it was really different from what J.B. showed us last year. Since I was working with a team that already had their end-to-end tests … Continue reading

In-house coderetreat workshop

On Friday 13 January I facilitated my first in-house coderetreat workshop at a company in Antwerp. When I arrived there 10 minutes before the start, all seven developers were already sitting there. They were set up, fired up and curious what this day would bring. It’s a little bit different from facilitating public retreats where … Continue reading

My first coderetreat abroad

My first coderetreat abroad

Last Saturday January 7 Adi and I traveled to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. We were invited there to facilitate the first coderetreat of 2012. I was really looking forward to this and also a little anxious at first, being in unknown surroundings, and especially facilitating for Dutch people who are known for their honesty … Continue reading

Global day of Coderetreat: the Belgian edition

On 3 December 2011 I was glad to kick off the Global Day of Code retreat. Before I start bothering you with details I just would like to thank Adrian Bolboaca for co-facilitating our Belgian coderetreat. We co-facilitated all Belgian coderetreats in 2011 and it’s always a pleasure teaming up with him on these events. … Continue reading

Rediscovering the joys of coding

Just a bit too early Ever got up at 7am on a Saturday to spend your day coding, really? Yeah, I did just that last weekend. I arrived a little after 8 am and there were already a lot of people there, enjoying the ‘koffiekoeken’ breakfast. Most of them looked like they were thinking the … Continue reading

Making your own choices

I’ve been talking to lots of developers of the last three years, especially within the .Net community. And one of the things that keeps shocking me is the fact that most of them (and I mean around three quarters) seem to hate their job. It’s become a personal quest to find out how this happened … Continue reading