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In-house coderetreat workshop

On Friday 13 January I facilitated my first in-house coderetreat workshop at a company in Antwerp. When I arrived there 10 minutes before the start, all seven developers were already sitting there. They were set up, fired up and curious what this day would bring. It’s a little bit different from facilitating public retreats where … Continue reading

My first coderetreat abroad

My first coderetreat abroad

Last Saturday January 7 Adi and I traveled to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. We were invited there to facilitate the first coderetreat of 2012. I was really looking forward to this and also a little anxious at first, being in unknown surroundings, and especially facilitating for Dutch people who are known for their honesty … Continue reading

Global day of Coderetreat: the Belgian edition

On 3 December 2011 I was glad to kick off the Global Day of Code retreat. Before I start bothering you with details I just would like to thank Adrian Bolboaca for co-facilitating our Belgian coderetreat. We co-facilitated all Belgian coderetreats in 2011 and it’s always a pleasure teaming up with him on these events. … Continue reading