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Dealing with legacy in ruby

Last Friday I got to spend another day with the dev team at Protime, running a coderetreat on dealing with legacy code this time. I don’t call it a legacycoderetreat here because it was really different from what J.B. showed us last year. Since I was working with a team that already had their end-to-end tests … Continue reading

Taking baby steps

Taking baby steps

Adi and I have been thinking about doing a session around using source control during the coderetreat. It should be a session that really motivates you to commit fast and often. It should help you to focus on taking the smallest step possible. It is only through taking the smallest step possible that you can … Continue reading

Rediscovering the joys of coding

Just a bit too early Ever got up at 7am on a Saturday to spend your day coding, really? Yeah, I did just that last weekend. I arrived a little after 8 am and there were already a lot of people there, enjoying the ‘koffiekoeken’ breakfast. Most of them looked like they were thinking the … Continue reading