When you focus on being on "the right side", you create the reality that there has to be a wrong side

I was participating in the European leadershipgift call with some wonderful people where we discussed a wide range of interesting topics. We looked into the human nature of being angry and how there is nothing wrong with being angry. And the more you hit yourself over the head with this "you shouldn’t get angry" rule, the more difficult it will be to be human.

We also talked about how much easier life can get when you choose to be "for" things instead of against things. Humans have a strong tendency to evaluate while this practice is not helping us to achieve what we want most of the time. It is always humbling to see how many opportunities we have as humans to choose, attract and create our own lives. We always have a choice of not responding out of impuls. We have the capacity to stop and respond how we really want to. This is part of what makes being human so amazing.

Thank you for inspiring the title of this post Andreas and to Towo for inspiring the second paragraph of this post.