The garden shed is up

We have been planning this for years, trying to figure out how big and where we wanted to build this. We have quite some stuff we could store in a garden shed so we wanted it rather big. Yet at the same time we want to keep as much of our garden open as possible. So basically it had to be just big enough and not any bigger. So we ended up with this pretty design and a total of 12m of storage space. We just installed a light floor in there as well for easy cleaning and now it’s ready to start moving things out of the basement and into the shed.

Once we have moved out all of the stuff to the shed, I can start planning and designing my music room setup. I’m already pondering about electricity and where my computer is going to go. I have some idea where the light effects are going to end up and where the drum kit is going to be. First step is to decide on the wall finish and make all of that ready for the new windows that should be placed somewhere in September. So much fun stuff to do still and to figure out. I’ll keep you posted on the music room steps once I dig into that 🙂.

If you have any suggestions for optimising our use of the garden shed or you want to contribute to the design of the music room, leave a comment down here.