Taking the train - and parking trouble

I have a new customer in Leuven, about 5 minutes away from the train station. So I decided to take the train instead of the car. This brings quite some advantages and disadvantages.

I do not have to drive which means I can use my time to get stuff done.
I am working even more everyday like this, spending 2 hours on the train dealing with messages and tasks.
I can spend my time on my family and hobbies instead of catching up on message and tasks that I couldn’t during the day.
And I take less time listening to audiobooks.
I don’t get frustrated by everyday traffic as much. No crazy drivers cutting me off.
No parking!!! This is frustrating me so much. Why is there no better infrastructure around stations to promote the use of public transportation.

In the 5 weeks I have travelled to Leuven for a total of 8 round trips, I didn’t manage even once to have the train stick to the schedule. Not even when I was taking a half day off and drove home at 14:00. Why do they continue to make schedules that are impossible to stick to?

Doing calls (which I like doing in the car) is a lot more difficult and mostly annoying to others on the train.

All in all this is still a pretty good solution for now. I just can’t imagine doing this everyday of every week.