Opportunities are like fish, not pokemon

While participating in today’s application mastery call in the leadershipgift one of the participants made a really strong statement that resonated with me. We were discussing the struggle you can have with saying no to opportunities and the consequences it has when you are overloading yourself with yes’s. We worked together on reinforcing the fact that we do not have to feel overloaded unless we want to overload ourselves. So if we do create an overload it is because we either wanted it or because we had a very strong counter intention that kept us from saying no (which we actually wanted to say).

Mike Edwards made the remark that opportunities are like fishes in a river. If you are fishing there, you might catch some of them. And you will definitely not catch all of them. And that is perfectly ok because there are more fishes coming, soon. Thanks Mike!

This triggered the thought in me that resulted in this post’s title. Opportunities are indeed more like fish and not like Pokemon. You don’t have to catch them all. And this is a liberating idea for me, and it helps me appreciate my decisions and the times I say no to opportunities.

Does it resonate with you somehow? Do you like the idea? Or do you have a different or related idea. Leave a comment below ;-)