Manon writes her first blog post

Our daughter (8 years old) wanted to write her essay "in copy letters". She wrote a sheet of paper and wanted to copy it on the printer so that it would turn into typewriter letters. I explained her that this is not the way it works and that we type this on a computer. She looked at me with amazement and I could read the thought in her face: "If only I could do that, that would be so cool."

So I offered her to write it together on my computer. I wrote the questions (that were in her booklet) and she wrote the answers. I believe it was het first conscious typing. It went rather smooth, she found most letters quickly and got the hang of the space bar and the shift key as well. Tomorrow we’ll do the next part. I am so proud of her. The last paragraph of this post if hers, I’ll ask her what she would like to write and help her translate it so she can type it.

Bedankt voor het lezen en tot ziens. (Thank you for reading and bye)