I am doing great and not so much

Alright, let me start by claiming a win. I am still loosing weight and am still working out. Yay me! My keto diet is still going strong and I finally ordered a breath analyser to help me figure out if I’m actually in Ketosis or not. It works, slowly but it works. And I manage to stay in ketosis all days so far. Another Yay me! The dietary choices are becoming easier and easier, my habits are really starting to change. I sometimes still have cravings but less every month. And here I want to throw in a big acknowledgement for my wife who has been experimenting with keto crackers, bread and buns. I love to concept of having something to spread butter or other tasty things. So big shout out for her support in my choices and my struggle to find good replacements for things I miss.

Next to my nutritional wins, I am also investing a lot more time in my music and I love it. I’ve been actively playing folk guitar in a band for a year now (if you would like to follow us on facebook). I love how this group is really coming together and how our songs have been growing on us more and more. I’ve been playing around with Ableton Life to record some of our rehearsals to help us practice at home and also to work on our arrangements.
Next to this band I’m also starting a new one, more focussing on other styles of music and my bass guitar. We are still getting started and trying out different styles so lots of new baselines to practice. And I have the feeling I am getting more confident again playing the bass. It’s still a bigger struggle than my folk guitar and I am getting there.

My health is another thing. I’ve been experiencing lower stomach pains for over a week now. Nothing too painful, but annoying every morning. This Saturday I am going to my osteopath to get a full check-up on my biochemical balance and mechanical setup in my lower back area. Let’s see what she can find out. In the meantime I’m continuing to practice my meditation and yoga to help me relax my body every night and get a head start every morning. If you haven’t tried the Headspace app, you really could!

I leave with this beautiful picture that inspired me to write this little story. You can leave a comment below if you want to ask or discuss something, go for it.