Everyday we take thousands of decision. I’m not kidding, literally thousands of decision, every single day. I am grateful for this opportunity, the ability to choose. I have been practicing this mantra over the last 12 months: "Everything you do in life, is a choice." And I can tell you that this gives me tremendous power. And as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. Yes, it sometimes feels hard to make yet another decision. It might feel easier to procrastinate until the choice feels less like a choice. You might wait long enough for the opportunity to disappear. Or you might wait long enough for someone else to make the decision for you. And that is ok, don’t be too hard on yourself about this. As far as I know, we are human. And as human you are allowed to not make that decision, and to let an opportunity pass you by.

When you stop to think about this, isn’t it amazing to be human? We have the natural ability to not react instinctively or on impuls. We have the choice to stop and choose our response. A lot of people describe freedom as the possibility to choose the next course of action. The situation where nobody else but you decides. We have so much freedom we take for granted. And we lock ourselves up in our own private little cages, built with assumptions and self-doubt. We have the choice to step out of this cage when we want to. And we also have the choice to stay in that cage when we want to.

I wish you a powerful and free moment while you let these two little paragraphs sink in. And if you have any thoughts or remarks about this, do leave a comment below. Talk to you later.