First report in my mechanical keyboard adventure

So I thank Koen for triggering my interest for mechanical keyboards all of a sudden. I never really gave it a thought until I saw him working on his Anne Pro2 keyboard with blue key switches. I am now testing my own new keyboard, namely an Ajazz Zinc Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard. So far I am really impressed with both the wired as well as the wireless responsiveness. I read some people have their doubts because of the fact that his uses bluetooth 3.0 and this would cause lag. I am not experiencing any of this, so I am a happy camper.

Do I like the blue key switches of my new keyboard? I certainly do. I do think this shift key is a pain in the butt. I’ll have to settle for this for now until I have other keycaps to fiddle with. The replacement keycap set is for a standard 104 keyboard which has a larger right shift key than this Ajazz board. I do really appreciate the original space bar a lot better than the replacement coloured one. I’m going to stick to this at least for now.

I also have an Ajazz with brown switches which I started using yesterday. It does not have the clickiness of this blue switch one so it certainly has a different sound. And it also has a different feedback feel to it. It’s too early to make any conclusion apart from the fact that I like both a lot more than my standard mac keyboards. And a second conclusion is that the Ajazz is so high in form factor that I will look for a wrist rest to ease the curve in my wrists while typing.

More about my mechanical keyboard adventures later, now it’s time to get ready to enjoy my birthday dinner. Talk to you later y’all ^.^