Blogging like this is really simple and fast

I’ve been running this little experiment for a few days now. And this is even easier than blogging on wordpress. I think this is good enough to use as my little journal. So let’s continue to run this experiment for another few weeks and reflect afterwards.

Integrating this with my wordpress site through zapier was not a huge success. It did post my text on the wordpress but not the image. Kind of weird but ok.

Today was a pretty awesome day. I learned more about ReadyAPI and how it is being used at one of our clients. Next to that we had a very open and useful scrum master community of practice meeting this afternoon. We were able to share some stories, some tips and set our personal intent on certain actions to take in the next 2 weeks. In about half an hour I’ll join the next leadershipgift application mastery call, I’m really looking forward to practicing and learning even more about personal responsibility.

On to a wonderful (and pretty open) weekend.