I had a long conversation with a friend I had not talked to in ages. It was wonderful to reconnect and share stories. I feel enormously grateful for all the changes that I co-created in my life, that was my main feeling while falling asleep last night.

She lost her mom a few ago in very different circumstances than I did last year. when we were both sharing our stories about the final days with our moms, the grief. the doubt, the confusion of not having our moms in our lives anymore, I realised again how blessed I was in having had 4 weeks to say goodbye to her. My friend didn't really have that chance and I feel how important that time was for me.

I also got to share any relationship story, my professional story and my music and crafting journey a bit. I feel proud and happy with how I am creating my life. And being able to share all of this helped me to put things in perspective again. This made it easy for me to look at my life with different lenses.

Thank you my friend for sharing this wonderful experience with me.