Management 3.0 Brown Bag Sessions now available!

Management 3.0 Brown Bag Sessions now available! 7 Dec 2016 Annelies De Meyere Engaging Workshops & MeetingsLeadership & ManagementWork is Play Brown Bag session??? I’m sure a lot of you who aren’t native English speakers might be wondering what a brown bad session is, so let’s start with that. The brown bag refers to the … Continue reading

Popcorn time: 3 must-see videos on agile estimating!

Popcorn time: 3 must-see videos on agile estimating! 30 Nov 2016 Alexander Helleboogh Agile & Scrum You’re still struggling with estimations or you think you’ve completely mastered it? I highly recommend the following 3 videos. Get some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show! Read more by alexander via Read the full article here

​ What you say can and will be used against you

​ What you say can and will be used against you 5 Oct 2016 Gunther Verheyen Agile & ScrumLeadership & Management ​‘Agile’, the mind-set expressed in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development (2001) and its underlying principles, introduced very different ways of thinking about software and product development: Read more by guntherverheyen via Read the … Continue reading

Workshop with Christopher Avery!

Workshop with Christopher Avery! 1 Oct 2016 Johan Tré Engaging Workshops & MeetingsLeadership & Management Who? Recently we came to hear that Dr Christopher Avery would come around to present his new book. Without hesitation from within Co-Learning we took the opportunity to organize a workshop given by Christopher himself. I guess you might be … Continue reading

About post-its and trees

About post-its and trees 29 Sep 2016 Alexander Helleboogh Agile & ScrumEngaging Workshops & MeetingsWork is Play “Post-its?! What a waste of our precious trees!” Read more by Alexander via Read the full article here

Of Learning, Play and Owning Your System

Of Learning, Play and Owning Your System 22 Sep 2016 Annelies De Meyere I recently attended some events where talks on different subjects brought the audience to specific puzzle pieces of understanding on how complex adaptive systems perform best, especially taking into consideration the human factor. The first talk was at an event hosted by Lego®, … Continue reading