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Dealing with legacy in ruby

Last Friday I got to spend another day with the dev team at Protime, running a coderetreat on dealing with legacy code this time. I don’t call it a legacycoderetreat here because it was really different from what J.B.¬†showed us last year. Since I was working with a team that already had their end-to-end tests … Continue reading

In-house coderetreat workshop

On Friday 13 January I facilitated my first in-house coderetreat workshop at a company in Antwerp. When I arrived there 10 minutes before the start, all seven developers were already sitting there. They were set up, fired up and curious what this day would bring. It’s a little bit different from facilitating public retreats where … Continue reading

Coach retreat #1

Last Sunday a couple of strange people gathered up the strength to get up early enought to drive to Ghent and meet up around this new concept we have called a coach retreat. The main idea behind this gathering was to share knowledge and experiences about our work as coaches, be it personal, team or … Continue reading