Family weekend went great

Swimming class went really well, both our kids are making progress and are enjoying themselves. It had been a long time since I went along for the swimming class and I am glad I did. I am finding more time and energy for my family as of when I started blogging again. So it seems my new rhythm is working.

Yesterday afternoon was annual Facts fall day. We had invited our 14 year niece along for the ride and she loved it. It was fun to finally meet some special people there and seeing some friends there as well. It was loads of fun, I got to buy dice (no, you can never have too much dice, ever). And I got to see Brent Spiner in real life. I never know what to say to celebrities so I typically just watch from a distance and gloat. I still love the space we have there, it is very airy in comparison to comic con Brussels. I hope the get more room for their next edition in 2018 because Annelies really wants to go there to meet lieutenant Uhura 😉

We ended the day at our place with some of our friends and pizza. The first part was amazing, the second not such a great idea. Back to healthier food today and the rest of the week. I was grateful for them to join us, we had laughs – very good ones.

Today was a day of getting ready for my trip, hanging in the sofa with the kids playing on their tablets and having my parents-in-law over. It was pretty relaxed, even the packing for 8 days (I am not used to that). I even had some time to sneak in another 1,8km run this morning. It didn’t go extremely smooth but I do feel it’s improving bit by bit. I have my running shoes with me for the next week and I plan at least 2 runs in Barcelona and maybe 1 in Berlin. We’ll see. And while checking my Facebook this afternoon I discovered one of my favourite bass players is coming to Belgium on the day of our wedding anniversary. So tickets have been ordered and I am thrilled to get to see Marcus Miller perform live! Next step is seeing if we can make dinner arrangements beforehand.

I am really forward to the next 2 days of personal responsibility process training with Christopher Avery. I have been using his work for about 5 years now and working with him more closely for 2 years now. And I just found out he is trying out a diet I am thinking about trying as well, so lots to talk about.

On Wednesday it’s time to get to Barcelona for the agile coach camp. Learning and sharing our passion for humans, teams, organisations and systems is so exciting. It will be good to see friends again, to discuss organisational design and how we can better help teams and organisations deal with the faster and faster changing world around. I’ll chime in from there with some extra stuff probably, who knows.

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