1 step back, trying to find the 2 steps forward

Hey y’all,

Last Thursday to Friday night I got really sick in the stomach again. It had been at least 3 months since that kind of an episode. So yay! It did mess up my entire Friday planning 😦 And to be honest, I still feel it in my body.

This Saturday was Aidan’s first Larp (live action roleplaying) event and he loved it! It was amazing to see my little knight run into battle and protecting the wizards from harm. Manon was dealing out fireballs and healing (I love the balance there) and they got to complete all their quests.

Sunday was a lazying around the house day, cleaning some stuff, playing some bass, getting irritated by kids not listening and watching the first 2 episodes of the new start trek series. Not too bad but not convincing yet.

Today back at work, looking forward to brainstorming about how we can make HackBelgium even better next year 🙂

I do feel tired, and I did take too much sugar this weekend. So back to low-sugar regime and continuing my weight-loss-energy-gain habits again. Yoga tonight!!!

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