Eurostar to London: today and not yesterday

Just in case you missed it, Eurostar had a big technical issue with the signalling yesterday which forced them to cancel multiple trains. Unfortunately ours was one of those. So instead of getting to the CCI meetup early this morning, we got to be on the Eurostar early this morning. The good thing about this was that we got to spend a lovely evening with Luke Hohmann ( the visionary that created the innovation games ) talking about marvel comics, leadership and geeking out on software engineering. I opened the Agile portfolio management training with him yesterday by stating he was probably one of the most remarkable people in the world. That feeling only got reinforced last night.

agile portfolio management.png

On our way to London now for the meetup and see how we can collaborate on making the conteneo community even stronger. And tomorrow we’re going to be design jamming weave, our online collaboration platform. This is steadily becoming the best online collaboration platform out there with true scaling capabilities. I’ll probably be blogging about that one a bit more in the near future here, or over at my professional blog.

I am grateful for the events that happened this week. It has been a hell of a ride and I’m going to slow down a bit next week. For now, we’re still going strong and kicking ass. And sometimes I forget that all the choices I made until now have provided me with options and encounters beyond my wildest dreams. I get to choose which work to take up and which to move away from.

So today’s shout out of gratitude goes out to a ghost from the past. We broke our connection years ago, but he did get me to take my first real step into our co-learning journey. I completely disagree with a lot of the choices he has made over the course of the last 7 years, but they are his to live with. I want to say thank you Maarten for getting me connected to Jurgen which started this rollercoaster ride.


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