Oh my goodness!

Today was THE BOMB. I was totally stressed out, tense as can be but we made it! We really made it happen. We helped 60 people to redesign their own teams within a set of constraints that management had predefined with regard to business domains and number of people per team. This was insane. We spent about 3 weeks preparing this workshop, a couple of hours here and there. I am super happy about the result and the next steps that are defined and will be further detailed using the conteneo online gamestorming platform in the coming days.

I am super grateful to my fellow facilitators Evan and Eric, our flying Dutchman Luc and observers Lies and Thomas. I loved the energy we were able to bring to the teams and how they were able to reinvent themselves throughout the day. I also want to thank Werner and David as management team for making this workshop possible and trusting your people to do this.

And of course I want to thank all participants to bring their energy, self-awareness and willingness to try new things to the workshop today. It was amazing to discover that 2 teams were still at it around 18:30 to finish up their team composition. I am looking forward to processing the pictures and video material we gathered throughout the day.

Now it is time for some rest and recharging my batteries.

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