What a day!

I got up on time(ish) and got to do my yoga and a headspace routine before preparing my protein shake for breakfast to take. Traffic was interesting this morning, as it took me 1h20 to cross 45km. But I got there and I got to have a few interesting conversations on the phone.

First few hours of the day were spent on finishing preparations for our workshop tomorrow. It is going to be so cool, I’ll let you know tomorrow how it went. It was difficult, exciting, invigorating and truly work=play. We got to brief the other facilitators and observers for tomorrow and we wrapped up the design in time for me to pass by the Lego® store for my order. GoPro are ready, I just shouldn’t forget to check the audio tomorrow morning. I am grateful for my co-facilitators for designing this workshop to the maximum level we could.

Thank you to my wife for helping out with sorting the Lego® and getting my suitcase ready for the workshop.

I’m going to go for the short yoga before bed set and then get me some headspace before going to bed. Alarm clock 6:00 tomorrow. That should give me time for yoga, headspace and breakfast. I wish you all a mighty fine night.

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