A weekend of parties

Our son Aidan celebrated his 5th birthday on Friday and this meant a full weekend of parties and dreams coming through. On Friday he had a party in class where he had loads of fun and games.

Aidan feestje

On Saturday he got to invite 5 of his best friends from school over to our place to have a birthday party. We were incredibly lucky that the weather gods were in a good mood and the kids got to play outside in the garden. Especially Aidan’s cool car got quite a lot of attention.

Aidans auto

On Sunday our friend Antoon helped make one of Aidan’s dream come through. He loves big machines: tractors and cranes, tucks and excavators. So Antoon invited us to join him at the werktuigendagen, an international fair of all kinds of agricultural machines. And oh yeah, Aidan got to ride a big red tractor! He was so excited that his little eyes were shining. Thanks again to the people of Case for taking Aidan and Manon for a spin on the big red machine.

After this magical ride it was time to get back home to have the next party with our family. This party was both for him and for me, as I will be celebrating my birthday in about 10 days. I can tell you the theme for this party was Lego® both for his gifts as for mine:

This was truly a magnificent day, and a big part of all that went well was due to my wife taking care of the tickets, practicalities and the waffles she made this afternoon. She uses a secret family recipe and I tell you they are delicious.

After a weekend of fun and games like this I am grateful for my family, for our kids and I feel fully reenergised to start another week of connecting, facilitating, brain storming and enjoying!


  1. ok, my son was veeeeeeeeery impressed by the tractor. Damn! 😉
    So as kind of apology … can I have the secret waffle recipie?

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