I don’t know where I would be without music

Today was a day for music. I had planned this nice in advance and spent most of my day with my folk band Lir rehearsing for our upcoming gig at the start of November. You can find us at the Celtic weekend in Merelbeke. If you want to come over and dance on our music and enjoy the dances of the Celtic spirit dancers and the amazing experience of hearing the Flemish Caledonian pipes & drums band, make sure to check out this cool weekend. Oh and psss, there’s going to be awesome whisky as well 😉

Last Saturday we played a living room ball for a friend of ours and she loved it. It’s so amazing to be able to entertain people and make them enjoy the simple things in life like music and dancing. We asked some friends there what they missed in our set, and with that information we went to work today. We added a mazurka to the repertoire and started working on a cover of an extremely famous jig (mostly because of my love for it, and that is loosely coupled with the fact that my kids love it as well). We’re not sure if we are really going to bring this one to the stage at some point but we’ll see. Apart from these two songs, we also thought it would be cool to add a Laridé to the already divers set. I have always love this song and today was no different.laride

This is the song, for people that are curious. Now this is the sheet music as my friend Pluim prepared it for us. Now I have notice my tendency to change the chords on pretty much every song we have played so far. So this one was no different. We started playing this at the end of our rehearsal and I got completely carried away in the song. I was fiddling around with the rhythm, the dynamics and I loved it.

I loved it so much that this evening when the kids were in bed, I picked up my guitar again and hooked up my loop station and started playing this song again. I got inspired to record my first “real” loop thingy starting off with melody and then chords. After that I felt like adding some bass (next time I plug in my bass guitar instead of my guitar) and even adding some percussion on the guitar. It wasn’t perfect (I still struggle with the loop timing) but it was immensely fun! I will do this again.

My thanks go to my friend Pluim for getting me in his band and helping me to open up to music more than ever before. I am grateful for all the time we spend together and the energy we share. I am also grateful for the beautiful voice and mandolin of Lenaik and getting some rhythmic support from Kim on the Bodhran. We all feel that the little songs we started playing a few months ago are really starting to evolve into real music.

I love music!

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