Working on connections is rewarding

Most of my day today was about reconnecting with people, with initiatives and reinforcing existing connections. It might not sound like high impact work at first but in reality it feels like one of the most important reasons why I choose this professional path. It is relaxing to me to be able to spend some time “just” talking to people face-2-face or through digital channels. To be able to touch base and share ideas and thoughts.

I also want to share that I am extremely proud of my wife, Annelies and how she is able to navigate her work and life integration. It seems like she can slow down time to get more done then is possible. I think she can actually change the laws of physics. I have been lucky to see her change her career path drastically when she joined our team and she has evolved into an inspiring trainer, mind-bending facilitator and committed coach. I am grateful to be able to share my passion for helping and connecting people with her.

I am on a not-that-strict slow carb diet again since a few weeks. I am trying to keep up the habit of eating at least one slow carb meal a day. I’m minimising my sugar intake (yay for no more cola in the house) and slowly building up my daily exercising. My body is my temple and you can’t build a monument like this in 1 day 😉

Time for my evening yoga routing now, I choose a specific session from Adriene’s channel for something I think I am suffering from right now (Sciatica). So let’s see if this helps me to get through this injury.

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