Not so early in bed, not so early out of bed

Good morning everyone,

How was your night? Your kids not getting you out of bed in the middle of the night? Or your cats for that matter.

If you read my yesterday evening (ish) blogpost you know I was in bed late. I had a wonderful 5 hours of sleep and that should sustain me for the day. This being said, this morning was a little bit more difficult to rise and shine. Yet I am happy to have dropped off the kids at school, I have just updated my personal kanban and right after finishing this post I am going for my short morning yoga session.

I am still buzzing from yesterday’s experiences both during the day as well as the evening. There are so many beautiful people around me to learn from and share with. I am truly grateful for the choices I have made in the past which have enabled me to be here.

And today I want to say special thanks to one person who has been transformative for my professional (and personal) life throughout the last few years. He has been my mentor for years, my business partner, my fellow weirdo and most of all my lighthouse in times of doubt and (financial) despair. Thank you Jurgen for the great 7 years so far and let’s add dozens more.

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