It was time for meditation this morning

Good morning everyone, it is such a beautiful and sunny morning today. I decided to switch out yoga for headspace meditation this morning. If you haven’t checked this out, I recommend you do that somewhere today. It is absolutely cool to get your mind and your body focused for a few minutes. Really taking some “me-time” away from the rest of the world. I just got my subscription activated after having gone through the first basic module 3 times. I have set the intent of doing at least 2 short burst meditation sessions throughout today. I’ll let you know how that went tonight.

So today is an exciting day for sure. First further preparing the workshop of next week Tuesday, with my friend and colleague Eric. I am curious about what other things this day will bring at work. Late in the evening I am going to visit a special place. I won’t tell you anything more about it you will have to wait. It’s a secret project I might be working on.

Tonight is time for another software crafting open space session in Aartselaar. I am curious and grateful for the topics that will be presented there and the way people share their ideas and experiences with each other. It is invigorating to see how our community has grown and how we are making a difference for so many people.

And now stop for a moment. Yes, I am talking to you. Thank you for reading this post. I appreciate you for taking the time to go through my short story. If you feel like sharing something, drop me a comment. And if not, that is perfectly fine as well. Anyway, I wish you a wonderful and energising day today.

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