A late night after an inspiring day

I am listening to 7 habits of highly effective people in the car and it was so amazing to be able to discuss so many things about what I “read” in this book tonight at the SoCraTesBE open space event in Aartselaar. I was really inspired by a discussion that was triggered by the Shu Ha Ri model and how it relates to software development. Thank you again to Gert and Alain (who I will not link now since I don’t know if they would appreciate this).

Before that I went to explore my secret project and it turned out to be a wonderful experience and I met someone who we inspired years ago to pick up gamestorming at one of the co-learning events. I hope to work with her in the near future to bring facilitation, lean startup and creative workshops into her world even more. It is so great to meet someone and by random happenstance discover that something you helped organise inspired this person to change their own path so drastically.

And before that (this is turning out to be a backwards timeline of my day, cool) I was working with a colleague on the design of the workshop for next week and we got some awesomely cool new ideas to help structure and visualise it. I am so excited about that one!!!

It was such a great day, I didn’t want it to end early apparently. So I won’t get the habit of going to bed before 11pm checked off today. Let’s try again tomorrow. And now, let’s dream about the secret project and what decide on that one. Signing off for today, see y’all tomorrow.


  1. You could have linked me if you wanted. It really was an inspiring discussion, thank you!

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