A new wals for my Folkband Lir

My bandleader Pluim has had some time to look into new tunes for our performance in November at the Celtic weekend. This is my first wals in 6/8 (for people that are not into music theory that much, a regular wals is typically in 3/4). It was difficult not to get into my natural jig/circle rhythm on a 6/8 but it did work out in the end.

While my wife was playing the melody on the piano I went looking for some more interesting chords to play with this song, especially the B part needed some more punch. So I came up with a new chord schema for that. It was there that I felt a tension I did not feel in a long time (no, it was not my old jedi master who was close). I wanted to play an Em chord at the end of the first sentence of the B part, because the note in the melody is indeed an E. But it felt completely wrong. It took me a while to figure it out (thank you Annelies for getting my thought process going). The Em chord does not resolve while playing in D major scale. It felt totally wrong. So I changed it and stay on the G chord for the entire bar. At the end of the B part, I resolve it by going to an A chord and finishing the B section.

This was fast and fun. It took about half an hour to get the chord schema and rhythm to an agreeable level and I (re-)learned something new about chords in scales 🙂


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