Posted in January 2016

Why Sprint n-1 Analysis is a BAD idea…

Why Sprint n-1 Analysis is a BAD idea… 27 Jan 2016 Johan Tré Agile & ScrumLean & KanbanLess is More (commonly known as the Scrummerfall anti-pattern) Consider the following familiar situation The team has taken a story in the sprint, and during the sprint, shit hits the fan. They rework, rework again several times to … Continue reading

Stop Managing Dependencies!

Stop Managing Dependencies! 19 Jan 2016 Jurgen De Smet Agile & ScrumLeadership & ManagementLean & KanbanLess is MoreSoftware Craftsmanship Dependencies in Software Development have been an issue since decades and lots of practices have been build to “manage” them, creating an environment that becomes more complicated with longer time-to-market times as dependencies grow (or the … Continue reading

Being agile in my free time

Being agile in my free time 15 Jan 2016 Jeremy Naus Agile & ScrumLean & Kanban One of my biggest hobbies is participating in Live Action Roleplay events, larp in short. For years I’ve also been organising such events for a couple of non-profit organisations. Last year I finally took the plunge and used some agile … Continue reading