My first real bike ride in Affligem

It’s been 5 years since I lived in Antwerp, my roots. I’ve lived on the outskirts of the big city all my life. I was used to pavement, concrete, houses and everything. And I always tried to escape the hubbub by going to the park when the sun was out. I used to take my bike everywhere, ride around for hours on end.

We moved to Affligem over 3 years ago because it was close to Brussels where we both work(ed) but still close enough to all of our friends and family. And people ask me why I moved to Affligem of all places. I love the rural setting of this town. It’s peaceful and quiet without being a ghost town. It’s got a lot of farm land and it’s in the centre of horse country. Yet it’s not too far away from the “civilized” world.

I’ll try to show you why I think this town is so great. This was the first little thing I came across when going for a ride on my bike this afternoon:

Riding down muddy tracks formed by tractors, passing by shallow brooks and over bridges I passed by another nice spot.

I was moving closer to the “civilized” world again when I got some proof that this is indeed horse country.

And on the journey went, exchanging mud for cobblestone and passing by a peculiar looking modern house.

I ended up in my neighbourhood again and discovered that we have some creative and artistic people living close by.

And after a little over an hour I arrived back home and took a stroll around my garden before getting back to work and look what I found all the way in the back.

Sometimes a man needs to unwind to get his mind focused again. This was my first bike experiment, be sure to tune in for more bike adventures in the future. Coming soon to you on this channel.

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