Posted in November 2010

Loosing a loved one

I’ve always had a hard time accepting death, the only 100% truth and certainty in life. I think the thing that I find most difficult to accept is that I won’t be able to talk to that person again. Not that I can think of anything specific at the time, but it’s just the thought … Continue reading

Timemanagement gone wrong

I don’t have time for that Isn’t that one of the most used phrases of the last 5 years? And it’s still growing in popularity. People struggle all week to find a sustainable work – personal improvement – family – social activities – hobbies balance. I have been struggling with it for years now. Back … Continue reading

Rediscovering the joys of coding

Just a bit too early Ever got up at 7am on a Saturday to spend your day coding, really? Yeah, I did just that last weekend. I arrived a little after 8 am and there were already a lot of people there, enjoying the ‘koffiekoeken’ breakfast. Most of them looked like they were thinking the … Continue reading

Making your own choices

I’ve been talking to lots of developers of the last three years, especially within the .Net community. And one of the things that keeps shocking me is the fact that most of them (and I mean around three quarters) seem to hate their job. It’s become a personal quest to find out how this happened … Continue reading